Friday, 27 June 2014

Joys and Sorrows

One morn, I gaze her eyes and she, mine               
It was a dream, I later realise.                                   
She doth speak sweet, but terse, mine.                   
Who I ask casts this cosmic dice?
My joys and her sorrows, ours, now                
This we pledge to each other as a vow.         
In the midst of roses I kiss and bow                      
and rest in her bosom, pale and heavy           
We hem, haw… sweet nothings, they say
With hips closer, I kiss again, but her lips          
treating her reprimands as funny                           
for I intend to carry our show for keeps.                
  Like this we live and fear not, now and ever                     
  for any tempest that might cross our dream.

 By Vinesh Kumar

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